Behnke, Leo: Magic For Bartenders- Encore!
©1992 Leo Behnke
Softcover, comb-bound, 86 pages

©2014 Magic City, Paramount, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched
Magic for Bartenders
              - Encore
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Leo Behnke: Magic for Bartenders
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Comments: This is not the 3rd in a series by Leo Behnke, but rather from what was started by Senor Mardo: (From the preface), "Way back in the 1940s Señor Mardo wrote a great little book called Magic for Bartenders. That's the only problem, it was a little book. There is so much magic that a bartender can learn in order to enhance his position in a bar. The following pages are in answer to a suggestion by Louis St. Pierre, Jr.. of Hollywood Magic Shop, to bring out a larger sequel. In here you’ll find some basic bartending advice for magicians who aré starting out as bartenders, and simple magic and suggestions for bartenders who want to entertain their customers..."

Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Chapter 1- Basic Information
2 "Senator" Crandall's Remarks
3 For Bartenders
4 For Magicians

5 Chapter 2- Beginning tricks
6 Breaking A Dollar Bill
7 Magic Spell
8 Tramps and Geese
9 Finding Money
10 Ten Penny Count
11 1-2-3 Gone
12 Stringing Them Again
13 Strung Again
14 Match Mentalism
15 Spots or No Spots
16 Here or Not
17 On and Off
18 Vanishing Matches
19 Right Through

20 Chapter 3- Flourishes , Gags and bar bets
21 Have A light
22 Share It
23 One Handed Bartender
24 Coin Juggling
25 Smoker's Knot
26 Amazing Balance
27 General Bar Gags
28 Three Glass Turnover
29 Alternates
30 A Pick Up
31 Bet Your Body
32 One Word
33 Gozinta
34 Wooden Cocktail
35 Polish Poker
36 Two to One half
37 NIM

38 Chapter 4- Advanced Tricks
39 Idiot String
30 Coin out of Beer
41 Squiggly
42 Diamond Jack
43 Sex Detector
44 Meandering Match
45 Cuts & Restored Bill
46 Magnetic Pencil
47 Magic Straw Wand
48 Cup and Bill
49 6Two In The Hand
50 Inexhaustible Soda Can
51 My Business cards
52 Money Manipulation
53 Ring On Spoon
54 Coin Fishin
55 Metamorphosis
56 Magic Square Giveaway

57 Bibliography
58 Miracles For Sale
59 Special Thanks