Behnke, Leo: Thread Reference
1992 Magic City
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 45 pages
Thread Reference
Image courtesy e-Bay seller RaolsonMagic

Comment (Joe Pecore): Note: This one is NOT part of the Magic City Library Volumes! A good cheap introductory book if you've never done anything with Invisible Thread before.

Contents (note: numbers are not page numbers)

1 Chapter I - a little background
2 The Materials:
3 - Surgical Thread
4 - Monofilimant
5 - Hair
6 - Nylon
7 - Elastic Thread
8 - Loops
9 - Coloring
10 - Wax, Tape and Plastic
11 Hook-ups
12 - Personal
13 - On a Prop
14 - Holders

15 Chapter II - Some Close-up Tricks
16 Wisenheimer Variation: A dime is placed on the table and is covered by a playing card. A second card is put on top of the first crosswise and a penny is then pu on top o all. The upper card and coin are moved to one side and when the spectator lifts the card covering the dime, it is gone and found under the second card
17 Variation of a Variation: Same as Wisenheimer but dime vanishes completely
18 Stand-up bill: A bill stands up
19 A Stand-up Card: You guessed it. A card stands up
20 The Knife Spread: A knife mysterically turns to find a selected card in a spread.
21 Rising Ice: A Ice cube rises out of a glass
22 The Chase: A Finger ring moves around the table
23 Haunted Deck: The classic
24 The Rising Card: Another classic
25 British Brilliancy: A clean-up for a Vanishing stack of Quarters

26 A short Bibliography