Leo Behnke: Will Rock Presents...
Behnke, Leo: Will Rock Presents Thurston's Mysteries of India
©2007 Prentice Taylor
Hardcover, w/dj, 8x11", 132 pages
Leo Behnke: Will Rock Presents
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments:A biography of Will Rock, who purchased and presented the Thurston Show during the US Depression era. With contributions from diaries, notes, and more by his daughter Gretchen.

Contents (Chapters courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor):

1 Part I - The Life Of Will Rock

1 Chapter One
1 The Family

9 Chapter Two
9 The Raymond Years

37 Chapter Three
37 The Thurston Show

57 Chapter Four
57 The World Intrudes

69 Chapter Five
69 A Changed World

79 Part 2 - Photos And Words
79 A Collection Of Will Rock Photos And Publicity