Behr, Denis: Handcrafted Card Magic
©2007 Denis Behr
Hardcover, 94 pages
Handcrafted Card
Image courtesy Denis Behr

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Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Foreword by Pit Hartling
2 Introduction
3 Brute Force Opening: An opener that does its job - knocking the spectators out with three rapid-fire effects in no time.
4 Plop: Control any four-of-a-kind without looking at the faces of the cards.
5 - The Culling Procedure
6 Plop – The Effect
7 A Trick for Allen Kennedy: One of the cleanest Center Deal demonstrations.
8 Magic Monthly: A strong two-phase four-of-a-kind production with an emotional hook that is a real workhorse.
9 Finding The Way Home: The concepts and ideas in this section will change your stack-work and make it much more deceptive.
10 - Possible strategies for rearranging cards systematically
11 - “The Tantalizer”
12 - A Trick for Allen Kennedy
13 - Way into “The Tantalizer”
14 - Packet Trick
15 - Red-Black Division into Stack
16 - Liebenow’s Card Peeling
17 A Gambling Demonstration: An easy gambling routine that can be followed by anybody - interested in gambling or not.
18 Oil & Water: A real laymen pleaser. Try this routine and you'll want to keep it in your repertoire forever.
19 Oil & Water Finale: What Daryl's "Ultimate Ambition" is to the Ambitious Card plot, "Oil & Water Finale" is to the Oil and Water plot.
20 Gray Matters: An ultra-clean challenge location to fool anybody.
21 Epilogue
22 Bibliography