Dan Bellman: Patter Tricks and Quips
Bellman, Dan: Patter Tricks nd Quips
©1933 Dan Bellman, Edward Bagshawe, London
Softcover, stapled, folded manuscript, 8.5x11", 12 pages
Dan Bellman: Patter Tricks and Quips
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Comments: Dan Bellman's first publication. Typed manuscript.

Contents (from eBay Description, numbers are not page numbers):

i Foreword (Laurance Glen)

1 Another 4 Ace Trick
2 The Pheonix IQ Note
3 An Opening Effect
4 A Comedy Silk Idea
5 Torn And Restored Strip of Paper
6 Hotsy Totsy The Bathing Beauty
7 The Weeping Coin
8 Invisible Tie Transit
9 Two Of Hearts Combination
10 R A T S
11 Optica
12 Wise Cracks For Wizards
13 Gags For Ventriloquists