*David Ben: An Adept
Ben, David (editor) & An Adept: A Grande Expose of the Science of Gambling
©2010 Magicana
Hardcover, 4.75x5.5", 167 pages
ISBN 978-0-9780675-8-8
David Ben: A Grand Expose
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Comments: A grand expose of the science of gambling, containing a complete disclosure of the secrets of the art as practiced by professional gamblers. This book was originally written in 1860 by "An Adept" and published by F.A. Brady in NY.

Contents (from Magicana website):

1 The Game of Faro
2 Side Strippers
6 The Capper
7 The Chopping Deal
9 Expose of the Dealing Box
11 The Screw Box
12 Sanding the Cards
13 Rakes
14 Hollows and Rounds
17 Fifty Threes
23 The Cat Hop
37 Snaking Cards
39 How Cards are Snaked
34 Roulette
37 Chucker Luck, or Sweat Cloth
39 Spout
41 Poker, or Bluff
43 Cold Decks
48 Stamped Cards
51 Vingt-Un, or Twenty-One
54 Seven Up, or All Fours
58 The Long Hand of Seven Up
61 Three Card Monte
64 Race Courses, Mysteries of the Turf, &c.
69 The Arm Strap
71 The Convex, or Dog Eat Dog
76 The Broker’s Game
80 The Bogus Check Game
84 The Five Aces
86 The Ring Game
89 Dropping the Pigeon, or Heeling
91 Watch Stuffing
117 Three Card Monte on the Ohio River
118 The Game of Euchre, &c.
120 The Five Aces, and the Nigger Stealer
127 Three Card Monte on Lake Ontario, &c.
133 The Strap Game on Lake Champlain, &c.
135 The Strap Game, and How it is Played
137 The Ball and Safe Game in Cleveland
143 The Game of French Monte in Chicago
149 The Strap Game in Memphis
154 Confidence Women
163 The Thimble Game
165 Mock Auctions, or Peter Funks