Steve Bender: Bits and Pieces
Bender, Steve: Bits & Pieces
©1983 Steve Bender
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 24 pages
Steve Bender: Bits & Pieces
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Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):


Part 1-MC Bits & Pieces
1) The Change Bag Routine
2) The Mumbo Jumbo Pickleover Bag Follow-Up
3) The Follow-Up To The Change Bag Routine
4) The Phony Ring
5) The Wind-Up Key
6) The Shatter Box Plus
7) The Double Gag Bag Routine
7A) Recurring Bit
7B) The FlipOver Box Bit
7C) The Ear
8) The One Handed Knot
9) The Pocket Trick
10) The Slide Show

Part 2- Christmas Bits & Pieces
1) The Flipover Box
2) The Circus Wagon
3) The Double Pocket Devil's Hanky & The Zip-Rip Zip
4) Frosty The Snowman
5) Tote Bag Deluxe with Jingle Bells on the Bottom
6) The Crystal Silk Cylinder with Beads
7) The Christmas Coloring Book and Vanishing Crayons
8) The Peppermint Stick Wand
9) The Infamous Chick Pan (or Pickle Pan)
10) The Christmas Tote Stocking

Part 3-Gospel Bits & Pieces
1) Ihe Incredible Flexible Mirror
2) Silkola Bit 1
3) Silkola Bit 2
4) The Torn Bill
5) Six Bill Repeat
6) Block Off Rope
7) Color Changing Shoelaces
8)The Appearance of Jesus
9) The Way Of The Cross
10) Christianity In The World
11) The Laser Box with Light