Bengel, Robert W.: Back to Basics II
©1995 Robert W. Bengel
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 56 pages
Back to Basics 2
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5 Introduction

6 Theory and Misdirection
7 Audience Acceptance
10 Frame of Reference
11 Conviction
12 Other Factors to Consider

14 Sleights
14 Billis Spread: hiding a card
15 Secret Addition
17 Cornelius Pop-Up Move: top card flips
18 My Side Steal
20 One Hand Top Palm
22 Edge Grip Technique: for coins
23 Slop Shuffle Technique

24 Sleight Touches
24 Gordon Boyd's Double Undercut Touch: moving bottom card to top
25 Matthew Grover's Touch: rubber band idea
26 Howard Schwarzman's Touch: if you don't have a band
27 Hank Miller's Touch: alternative to Gambler's Cop

28 Routines
28 O.T. Variation: Open Travelers
32 Sleightly Ambitious
35 Hanging Coins Plus an Ending: climax (only) for David Roth's Hanging Coins
38 Shell'd Coins Across
42 Shaken Not Stirred: a Triumph variation with a deck & plastic cups, and an Invisible Deck
45 Would You Give Me a Hand?: Ace assembly
48 Inflated Principles: using the "inflated" deck principle
51 Witness Protection Program: an impossible location with cards
53 Alter(Lo)Cation: side to side coin assembly; uses a shell