Bennett, Doug: The Business Merger Book
1984 by Doug Bennett; Sterling Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 15 pages

Came with a prop

Bennett: The
              Business Merger Book
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Comments: Business Merger consists of a gimmicked plastic business card wallet and instructions. The effect is available with or without an additional instruction book. The basic effect is that the performer removes a business card but finds it is his last one. Instead of giving it away, he proposes to tear off a corner of the card and will write his phone number on that, which he proceeds to do. Upon seeing the small piece, however, he changes his mind and instead restores the business card to give away whole. The optional book, "The Business Merger Book", includes 4 routines and ideas and is recommended. Good business card magic. Note, this is also covered in Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Business Card Miracles DVD. 

Instructions: The instructions are a small book (17pg, 5.5x8") with routines by Michael Ammar, Michael Weber, Mark Green, and Doug Bennett.


iii Business is Booming: introductory comments
1 Bits O' Business: a discussion of the secret and the business card tear.
3 Getting Down to Business (Michael Ammar): Describes two of Michael's alternate handlings for Business Merger, including a spectator participation approach
9 Big Business Ventures (Michael Weber): Includes: Back Stabber method for ditching a corner; Consumer Rip Off spectator rips last bit of corner; Corporate Take Over idea where your business card is updated with a new phone number
12 No Monkey Business (Mark Green): Table hopping routine.
15 Business as Visual (Doug Bennet): visual restoration away from the wallet