Bennett, Doug: Extra Sensory Deceptions
1984 Doug Bennett
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 27 pages
Bennett: Extras
              Sensory Deceptions
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Comments: A collection of clever close-up magic.


i Introduction
1 Metal Logical Options (based on Fred Bauman's Metal Logic concept): two effects using a cleverly gimmicked spoon.
1 Ring Toss: a solid ring passes onto the handle of a spoon, apparently going over the bowl end of the spoon. All can be inspected
3 The Numis Spoon: a coin and the bowl end of a spoon transpose in the hands
6 Assault With a Blunt Instrument: a pencil is sharpened in the hand
8 Flash Card: torn and restored card with a flash restoration
9 Bonus Effect: use principle to cause a miniature playing card to expand to normal size
13 Flash Flight: Chink-A-Chink performed with flash cubes (likely a bit hard to find today)
15 Feather Through Quarter: as a variation of using a cigarette or pencil
18 The No Fright Ring Flite: Clever approach to ring flight that eliminates the pressure on the connection point. Requires a commercial Ring Flight and a duplicate non gimmicked case
21 Mirror Knives: A black knife casts a white reflection in a pocket mirror, then turns into a white knife casting a black reflection, then turns into two knives.
23 Mirroricle Card Vanish: a playing card vanishes with the aid of a pocket mirror, then appears face up in the deck
25 Reflection Connection: a length of velvet cord visibly fuses with its own reflection, creating a separate loop

Back Cover: Magical Contributions by Doug Bennett

Special Bonus Effect: Trial Separation - Zig Zag card with any deck (uses enclosed gimmick, or you can make your own)