Bennett, Horace: Alternate Handlings
©1983 Magic Methods
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 96 pages
Alternate Handlings
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Horace Bennett: Alternate Handlings



1 Introduction
4 Presentation
5 Working Conditions

6 Improved "Penny For Your Thoughts": you'll need a copy of the original routine from Bennett's Best
8 Thoughts on Suit Yourself Improved
11 The Chinese Coin - Triple Change Spellbound: uses a C/S coin and a similar sized Chinese coin
18 Wild Coin: uses four half dollars, an English Penny and a cup
22 Multiple Coin Switch
25 Bennett's Baker: Three silver coins from a purse vanish, reappear from three areas, then change to copper coins in the spectator's hand
28 The Purse and the Wine Glass: David Roth's Purse and Glass routine
35 Aces - Aces - Aces: devised as a follow up to Vernon's Cutting the Aces
47 Dawn: a more visible version of the Paul Harris/Tayari Casel Twilight coin routine
62 The Purse and the Okito Box: half dollar, English Penny, and Chinese coin vanish one at at time from Okito box and reappear in purse
77 Seven in the Side Pocket Update: an improved palm for moving cards to the pocket
81 An Afternoon With Frank Thompson or In-Boxed: Okito Box Routine
87 Cut and Restored Rope - Close-Up
94 Suit Yourself: another version of the card routine, using less cards
96 Additional Ideas for the Portable Hole: tips
96 Errata (Bennett's Fourth Book): missing move for Jimmy Wilson's Coin Vanish and Reproduction
96 Afterword