Bennett, Horace: Bennett's Best
1975 Jerry Mentzer
Softcover, comb-bound, 6x9", 115 Pages
Horace Bennett:
              Bennett's Best
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Comments: Line drawings throughout. Another great little book by Horace Bennett with coins, cards, and more.


1 Introduction: Jerry Mentzer

3 Chapter One: The Pearl
5 The Pearl: pearls multiply, change color, grow in size and more, can be performed seated or standing.

21 Chapter Two: Coins
23 Okito Box Routine: Multi-phase routine
31 Easy Coins Thru The Table - Plus: Four coins penetrate a table top one at a time, then all four at once.
38 Slow Motion Coin Production and Vanish: A coin is produced by stroking a handkerchief, and vanishes in a similar way
43 Sense of Touch Perfected: Magician can tell coin denomination and date by feel in a handkerchief

40 Chapter Three: A Penny For Your Thoughts
51 A Penny For Your Thoughts: a coin trick with a portable "hole" and some regular and jumbo coins; performed seated.

69 Chapter Four: Suit Yourself Improved
71 Suit Yourself Improved: four playing cards assemble under a cardboard cover by passing up through the table top

81 Chapter Five: Card Magic A La Bennett
83 Am I Blue: A four Ace trick where the Aces end up with different colored backs
85 Selected Card to Pocket: Two selections end up in the magician's pocket
91 Seven in the Side Pocket: a cards to pocket for standup and a jacket must be worn.

99 Chapter Six: Money In the Bank
101 Money In the Bank: Four half dollars assemble under a photograph, then a giant penny is found under a savings passbook.
109 Deluxe Ending for Money In the Bank Routine: an additional climax
114 Bennett's Front Pinch Coin Sleight: improved sleight for use on the first coin