Bennett, Horace: Familiar Themes
(More Alternate Handlings)
1984 Magic Methods
Softcover, comb-bound, 6x9:, 111 pages
Horace Bennett:
              Familiar Themes
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Comments: A collection of Horace Bennett's versions of released effects. Good stuff.


1 Introduction

3 Part One: Sleights
3 The Front Finger Clip: for coin
3 Spooner's Turnover Move: coin and card turnover move
5 The Pick Up Move (Al Schneider - Derek Dingle): card and coin pickup move
7 Slydini's Revolving Pass: card switch
8 The Tenkai Coin Vanish: coin vanishes while transferred from one hand to the other.
9 The Howie Schwarzman Coin Vanish: coin is closed in fist. and vanishes when hand tapped with playing card or other item
10 The Tenkai Turnover Card Move: Shown as a steal move, could also be used to add cards or secretly turn some over.
12 The Bennett Click Pass: Two coins are passed to the other hand, but only one goes
14 Bennett's Changeover Coin Palm: Nice coin exchange

15 Part Two
15 Vanished or Merely Invisible (an interlude with two coins): Two coins vanish and reappear with cute vanish vs. invisible patter
19 Trilogy (Houdini, Thurston, and the Magic Spell: A Card Routine): Three selected cards are located in unique ways
25 The Detective Coin (My Version of David Williamson:s "Cut That Out"): A coin is used to locate a selected card twice; on the third try the coin vanishes. the card changes, and is found in the coin purse with the coin!
30 Departing Your Point of Departure: Selected card vanishes from 4 Aces held by the spectator and appears face up in the deck
35 Noon: A copper/silver routine with a two sided mirror and lots of reflections and multiple phases
48 Dingle Without Tears: Four coins vanish to appear between performer's and spectator's hand.
53 Translocation II: Four coins travel from hand to hand on a cloth surface
60 No Sword Card Sword Routine: Selected card ends up between two Kings
63 A "Bic" Pen Coin Vanish: coin vanishes and is dumped from the pen cap
66 After Tenkai (a cut and restored silk): uses a newspaper to mask the dirty work
70 Further Update on Suit Yourself: thoughts on effect from "Bennett's Best"
71 A Final Word About Suit Yourself: new handling for final card
73 More on "Seven in the Side Pocket": variations for effect from "On Your Feet"
74 Drinking Straw Through Playing Card: Straw is pushed through a card, the hole is seen, and the card is rubbed and restored.
79 Another Reverse Matrix: uses gimmick double coin
85 Reverse Matrix Second Method: as above
89 Reverse Matrix Third Method: uses expanded shell
95 Room at the Top (Harvey Rosenthal's Express Elevator): black cards penetrate red cards
103 Alternate Pick Up and Load: for reverse matrix
104 Stand Up Handling for the Purse and Wine Glass Routine: How to perform David Roth routine standing up
105 Copper Silver Transposition: no sleeve, no gimmick
108 Sight Unseen (Another Brainwave): Spectator selects card behind back and reverses it in deck. Reversed card matches reversed card in 2nd deck.