Benzais, John: The Best of Benzais
©1967 1st Ed, Pub. by John King - S. David Walker, MO
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 108 pages
The Best of
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Contents: (updated Jan 2016)

1 The Coins Through The Table: (no gimmicked coins)
2 First Effect - For One Coin: borrowed
4 Second Effect - For Two Coins: using a glass and coins
8 Third Effect - For Four Coins: expanded version of above
13 Han Ping "Benzais": Benzais version of the Han Ping Chein move
17 With Six Coins: a different method
20 Something Extra The Benzais Grip: a new move
22 Again With Six Coins: another version
24 It Doesn't Belong Here: coins hand to hand using Benzais Grip
26 One Handed Method: coins thru table using Benzais Grip

29 Just A Few More "Coin Tricks"
31 5 cents For Your Thoughts: magician predicts heads or tails
33 The Benzais Concealment: coin vanish
36 Transit Dime: penetrates the cellophane of a card deck or cigarette pack
38 Follow-Up For Transit Dime: the dime is pulled through the cellophane
39 A Simple Vanish: coin vanish from handkerchief
41 Another Simple Vanish: with handkerchief
43 Not so Simple: clean but difficult vanish

45 Different Types Of Card Tricks (To Bore Your Friends With)
47 Making Double Face Cards: dry-splitting
49 Sleeving A Card: from palm position
51 How To Lap A Card
52 The Card In The Wallet: any wallet, requires lapping
55 A Counting Trick: spectator determines a predicted selection
56 The Missing Ace: selection transposes with Ace between two Jokers, and more
60 The Crimped Card Location
62 Four Of A Kind: magician magically locates any named four of a kind
66 Bewilderment: card selections fly out of the deck

69 The Alteration and Altercation of 'Stabbed In The Pack'
72 Stabbed In the Pack: spectator selects card by knife in deck, 3 of Clubs thrown at deck finds selection
74 Letter (Steve Trott): on the difficulty of Stabbed In the Pack
76 Letter (Bill Madsen): on the possibility
77 Letter (J. Benzais): on his offer to demonstrate personally
78 New Jinx Letter (Bill Madson): intro to two more letters
79 Letter (Tony Shiels): an alternative idea for throwing the card
80 Letter (Harry Lorayne): How he did the trick
83 Will the Real Stabbed In the Pack Please Stand Up (Harry Lorayne): Harry's detailed explanation

90 Mess-Celaneous Tricks
92 The Cut And Restored Rope: four foot length, performed seated
94 The 4-D Ball Trick: uses three 3/4" balls, performed seated
99 The Secret Of Gorius: a knot vanishes and it tied magically in a rope whose ends are held by spectators