Bergeron, Bev: Clown Magic
©1988 Bev Bergeron
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 11 pages
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Bev Bergeron: Clown Magic

Comments: Rebo the Clown as seen on TV with (and without) Mark Wilson


1 About the Author
2 Balloon Blow: balloon inflates while blowing into other hand
3 Balloon Balance: balance three ball balloons on each other
4 Snake Can Routine: comedy gag
5 Turning Name: Bev's version of the Chinese Compass with spectator's name
6 Hat Production: comedy for children's show
7 Shooting Hank: hank vanishes from bag one and is found in bag two
8 Hot Book: fire magic
9 Horn Honk: horns honk when pointed at
10 Rebo's Talking Machine: talking machine gag
11 Bev Says: words of advice