Bergeron, Bev: Bev Bergeron In Print
©1975 Bev Bergeron
Softcover, stapled, 5.5x8.5", 15 pages
Bev Bergeron In
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2 More Than Meets the Eye: Brief interview from Disney's Eyes & Ears newsletter
3 Coins Thru the Table: a quick move at the table
4 Bergeron's Champagne Bowl Production: body load
5 Change Hat: a trick top hat
6 Bottom Cut: getting the bottom card cut to the top
7 Two Reds & Two Blacks: Red and Blacks change places
8 Two Glass Production: not just one, but two glasses of liquid
9 Glass Production: another production
10 Pencil Thru Hank: use as a gag or a mystery
11 Goldfish Production: expanded use of Glass Production
12 Three Card Monte: using gimmicked card
13 Multiplying Wands: from a nest of wands
14 Tic-Tac-Toe: prediction matches game played
15 Astrol-O-Dial: mathematical trick with a circular card
16 Bev Says: tips on performing magic