Bergeron, Beverly J: Willard the Wizard
The Last of the Big Tent Show Magicians
1978 Lake Cane Publications, FL
Hardcover, w/dj, 156 pages
Bergeron: Willard the Wizard
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Comments: Illustrated by Randy J. Ogren. Biography


11 An Historical Tribute to a Magical Family
19 Willard Show (Doc Harad)
21 Tiny Titanic Trickster (Arthur Leroy)
26 Poem (George Warrick)
27 The Best Dang Magician You Ever Saw (Walter Blaney)
29 Last of the Old Time Masters (Doc Mahendra)
34 Running Down the Willards

35 The Tent Show and Its People
37 An Assistant Remembers
39 Get the Flags Flying (Madeline Willard Copeland)
41 The Tent People
46 View of the Tent
50 Press Clippings
57 The Influence of the Willard Show
61 A Willard Handbill
65 The Towners

67 The Magic of the Willards
68 The Programs
73 The Magic

135 The Entertainer
136 Patter
143 Marionettes
145 Cueing and Stooges

149 The Death of the Tent Show
152 A Tribute (Glenn Tucker)
153 Index
156 Poem (Frances Willard Tucker)