Hahne, Nelson C., Joe Berg: Here's Magic
©1930 Joe Berg, Chicago, IL
Hardcover, 64 pages
Here's Magic
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Comments: "Contains Original Subtleties by Joe Berg and Nelson C. Hahne. Written, Illustrated and Compiled by Nelson C. Hahne, B.S., with an Introduction by Dr. Harlan Tarbell."


7 Introduction (Dr. Harlan Tarbell)
8 The Theory of Deception (Nelson C. Hahne): essay
11 Find the Match Stick (Joe Berg): clever Monte effect with cards and matchsticks
13 Method of Analysis (Nelson C. Hahne): essay
15 The Blank Cards of Psyche (Joe Berg): selected card name is found written on a previously blank card
16 Super Detection (Joe Berg): four of a kind are removed, and magician determines which
17 A Mysterious Change (Joe Berg): selected card ends up in magician's pocket
18 The Ultra Card Reversal (Nelson C. Hahne): selection becomes reversed in the deck
20 An Eye for Money (Joe Berg): catching a coin in your eye
21 Patter Suggestions (Nelson C. Hahne): 27 clever lines to add to  your act
23 A Card, A Case, and A Vanish (Joe Berg): selection vanishes from card case
24 The Coin Disappears (Joe Berg): in fold of trousers
25 Another Method (Nelson Hahne): as above
26 Match-Tip Monte (Joe Berg): shell game/Monte with match-boxes and match heads
28 Telling the Time (Joe Berg): Magician knows what time the clock was set to
28 Chewing Gum Vibration (Joe Berg): magician determines which brand of gum was chosen
30 The Multiplying Cigarettes (Nelson C. Hahne): at the fingertips
32 The Phantom Knots (Joe Berg): Knots vanish from one set of silks and appear on another
34 The Cards With the Color-Changing Backs (Nelson C. Hahne): with red and blue decks
35 A Routine With a Double-Back Card (Joe Berg): a full routine
37 Lost in the Shuffle (Joe Berg): location using a perfect dove-tail shuffle
39 Sawing a Stick of Gum in Half (Joe Berg): a stick of gum is visibly cut in two in an envelope, but restored
41 Where Does the Cigarette Go? (Nelson C. Hahne): vanish
42 Berg's Color Changing Thimble (Joe Berg): for one thimble
43 Touch Reading De Luxe (Joe Berg): principle for reading cards behind your back
45 The Penetrating Match Box Drawer (Nelson C. Hahne): drawer of matchbox seems to penetrate a handkerchief
46 Flesh Grip Force (Joe Berg): a card force
48 The Spelling Location (Nelson C. Hahne): card speller
49 The Elusive Aces (Joe Berg): a four Aces trick
50 Deviating Dime (Nelson C. Hahne): Dime penetrates hand when covered by half dollar
51 Berg's Four Ace Routine (Joe Berg) another four Ace trick
53 The Bewitched Poker Chips (Nelson C. Hahne): poker chips change order when passed through an examined tube
54 The Card Behind (Joe Berg): magician determines value of card behind his back
56 A Trained Card (Joe Berg): selection pops out of the deck
57 The Peripatetic Rabbit (Nelson C. Hahne): a real rabbit is "shot" into a drawing; for stage.
59 The Production of a Bowl of Flowers (Joe Berg): from a foulard
61 The Sticks of En Hah (Nelson C. Hahne): A clever rod penetration illusion for parlor
63 And in Closing (Nelson Hahne)