Berg, Harvey A.: Wanderings
©1997 Harvey Berg
Softcover, 56 pages
Wand Rings
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Comments: "Wanderings is a Collection of Mental Card Effects by Harvey A. Berg."


1 Part I Effects With Playing Cards
1 Under a Spell
3 A Cut Above
6 A Cut Above and Beyond
8 Pinochle Poker
10 Send a Mental Journey
12 Send a Mental Journey a Star
14 Spell Check
16 Cop a Feel
18 The Last Picture Show
20 Off Color Jokers
24 Sweet Sixteen
25 Go To the Devil
26 Hat Trick
29 Permanent Wave
32 Pranks for the Emery
34 A Date Which Will Live in Infancy

37 Part II Telephone Tricks
37 First Call
39 Call Again
40 Time and Time Again
42 Last Call
43 The Ma Bell of All Telephone Tricks
46 The Grandma Bell of All Telephone Tricks

49 Part III Sleight of Hand for Dummies
49 World's Simplest False Cut
49 Direct and Effective But May Be Too Basic to Be Original False Triple Cut
50 Rhythmic False Triple Cut
50 Top Palm
51 False Shuffle to Retain Bottom Stock
52 False Shuffle to Retain Top Stock

53 Part IV Miscellany
53 Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: The Ultimate Manipulating Lotion
55 A Performance Opener
56 Correspondence