Berg, Joe: Here's NEW Magic
©1937 Joe Berg
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.75x8.75", 20 pages
Here's New Magic
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Comment: "An Array of New and Original Magical Secrets"


i Introduction (Joe Berg)
2 A Surprise Discovery: of a face up card
2 Different Disclosure: deck cut through handkerchief to selection
3 The Changing Faces: using a red and blue deck
3 Gardner's Card Speller: with three questions
4 Berg's Miracle Spread: with two decks
5 The Transferred Cards: two marked cards transfer to packet in spectator's pocket
6 Mistakes Will Happen: a behind the back card trick
6  Color Transformation: another red and blue deck trick
7 An Unbelievable Prediction: one of five cards
8 The Magician Makes Good: card matches three reversed in the deck
9 An Amazing Card Location: one to five locates the card
10 Coincidental Location: thought of cards match two selections
12 Vanish of Glass and Silk: from the hands
12 Knot From Nowhere: knot forms in rope without letting go of the ends
13 Handkerchief and Coffee Cups: silks appear in coffee cups
13 The Magical Hatchery: eggs, chicks, and a hat!
14 The Balancing Dime: stays balanced on a wire coat hanger
15 An Odd Handkerchief Knot: dissolving knot
15 Gardner's Unmovable Cigarette: handkerchief pulled from fingers without disturbing lit cigarette
16 Handkerchief and Coin: borrowed coin vanishes and reappears in folded handkerchief
17 Adhesive Tape Thumb Tie: actual routine not explained, just the "tricky" part
17 Berg's Cups and Balls Routine: using sponge balls, golf balls, onions and a standard 3 cup set