Berg, Joe: The Simply Deceptive Card Magic of Joe Berg
eBook, 29 pages
Simply Deceptive
              Card Magic
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Berg, Joe: Simpley Decetptive Card Magic

Comments: A new compilation of older Joe Berg card tricks.

Contents (source Trickshop website, numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Elusive Aces
2 The Magician Makes Good
3 An Amazing Card Location
4 Coincidental Location
5 An Unbelievable Prediction
6 A Mysterious Change
7 A Card, A Case, And A Vanish
8 Lost In The Shuffle
9 A Surprise Discovery
10 The Changing Faces
11 Berg’s Miracle Spread
12 The Transferred Cards
13 Color Transformation
14 Mistakes Will Happen
15 Different Disclosure
16 Flesh Grip Force
17 Touch Reading De-Luxe
18 A Routine With A Double-Back Card
19 Super Detection
20 Berg’s Gaffed Four Ace Routine
21 The Card Behind