David Berglas: David Berglas Lecture 1976 Brighton Convention
Berglas, David: David Berglas Lecture 1976 Brighton Convention
©1976 David Berglas
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 24 pages
David Berglas 1976 Brighton Convention
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Contents (courtesy Denis Behr's ConjuringArchive):

1 Meet David Berglas (Lewis Ganson)
2 Lecture on Sleeving
7 Hints on Sleeving
9 Cups and Balls: showing the palm and the cup empty immediately before loading
10 Billiard Ball Production
10 Other Applications
11 Impossible Silk Production
12 Impossible Silk Vanish
13 Pocketing
15 Using a Pull
16 Cardcertina
19 Vanishing Cane - My Cane in Newspaper Routine
21 Appearing Cane - Hints and Tips
22 My Appearing Cane Finale - A Novel Appearing Cane Presentation