Marvin Berglas: 110 Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects
Berglas, Marvin: 110 Amazing Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects
©2002 Marvin's Magic, London
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 40 pages
Marvin Berglas: 110 Amazing Magic Tricks
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Comments: Beginner's book of tricks. Lots of good ideas in here, but they are presented with the minimum of explanation and almost no routine suggestions.


2 Cup Through Table
2 Wand Power: wand moves on table
3 Ring and String: ring release from string on spectator's fingers
3 Appearing Wand: from money purse
3 Rubber Wand: optical illusion
4 Palm The Wand: wand clings to hand
4 Find the Coin: under one of three cups
4 Reverse Loops: cord wound on pencil and through ring is released
5 Sticky Wand: another clinging wand
5 Rising Pencil: from vase
5 Dice Deception: mathematical mind reading
6 Bewildering Beaker: cup vanishes from a tray
6 Ring On: string
6 Floating Beaker: lightweight cup levitation
7 The Removable Thumb: finger magic
7 Folding Money: Bill turns over
7 Stop!: Matchbox stops falling on string
8 Kings and Aces: gimmicked card trick
8 Spelling Bee: ten cards appear as spelled in sequence
9 A Neat Escape: rope escape
9 Pencil Vanish: from under a handkerchief
10 Knot From Nowhere: in a handkerchief
10 Card to Matchbox
10 Its Matchic!: magician knows how many matches moved
11 Baffling Bands: Afghan bands
11 Jumping Elastic: from fingers to fingers
11 Walking Through a Postcard
12 Sympathetic Diamond: Ace of Diamonds changes color
12 Matchless Ribbon: box of matches changes into a ribbon
12 That's It: mentalism with an assistant
13 Wallet of Wonders: coin fold to cause a change
13 Find the Lady: with gimmicked cards
13 Link Up: paper clips link
14 Numbered Thoughts: assistant silently helps you determine number selected
14 Pin Through Pin: linked safety pins unlink
14 An Expensive Roll: coin in dinner roll
15 Travelling Ace: Ace of Diamonds vanishes
15 Flag of the Realm: red, white and blue ribbons change to flag
15 Dictionary Deception: dictionary test
16 Turn Over Card: chosen card reverses in deck
16 Perpelexing Pencil: pencil adheres to hand
16 Making Money: coins multiply in the hand
17 Royal Flush: five gimmicked cards turn into a Royal Flush
17 Cut and Restored Ribbon
17 Money Making Matchbox: coin appears in empty matchbox
18 Card Off: card in envelope escapes a string
18 An Impossible Escape: silk in glass escapes
18 The Mystic Seven: spectator chooses the seven pile
19 Sweet And Sour: center tear
19 Magic Stamp Album: stamps instantly appear in blank album
19 Red or Black? magician knows which cards are which
20 Homing Coins: coins vanish to reappear on stand
20 Change the Ace: Ace of Spades t Ace of Hearts
20 Marvellous Memory: magician memorizes pack of card order
21 Indestructible Handkerchief: safety pin is drawn through handkerchief without damage
21 That's Torn It: coin fold
21 A Capital Prediction: magician predicts which city is selected
22 Calculated Discovery: magician removes cards from pocket to represent card selected
22 Ring of Deception: bracelet appears on rope tied between hands
22 Match Maker: matches appear in empty box
23 The Self Propelled Ball: on table-cloth
23 Disappearing Coin: with accomplice
23 Fruit Transformation: Orange to Apple
24 In the Red: magician instantly finds selection
24 Going Up!: two tumblers suspend on newspaper
24 Name That Name: magician determines name selected from box
25 The Ninth Card: a card force
25 Indestructible String: cut and restored in string
25 Multiplying Money: in magazine
26 Money Telepathy: coin value under cup determined by accomplice
26 Card Code: card chosen determined by help of accomplice
26 Match Rise: match rises from matchbox
27 The Ghostly Card: card vanishes under handkerchief
27 Watch Wizardry: watch used to divine number
27 Floating Ball: between fingers
28 Changing Card: instant card change with gimmicked card
28 Chain Reaction: paper clips form into chain
28 Your Card Is...: Locator card selection
29 Salt Cellar Suspension: salt shaker suspends from finger
29 Crafty Catch: two selections caught in mid-air
29 Quick Tie Handkerchiefs: two handkerchiefs tie in mid-air
30 Sum Trick!: Number magic
30 Rope Through Body
30 Soapy Secret: coin vanish
31 Sweets to the Sweet: candy vanish in handkerchief
31 Spotted: predicting number of dice in a matchbox
31 That Rings a Bell: spirit cloth
32 Clip the Card: spectator can't clip the right card
32 The Travelling Coin: Han Ping Chien move
32 Food and Drink: magician determines odd card
33 Ace Discovery: Magician locates 4 Aces behind his back
33 Unburstable Balloon: can't be popped with a pin
33 Spin Vanish: spinning coin vanishes when hit with matchbox
34 Money, Money, Money: magician wins envelope with money
34 Where are the Matches?: rattle box
34 Anti-Gravity Cards: fan clings to hand
35 Coin In The Glass: coin is heard dropping in glass and vanishes
35 Colour Sense: magician determines color of crayon
35 Anti-Gravity Matches: matches stick inside upside down box
36 Going By Tube: rolled magazine travels up and down string
36 The Haunted Pack: cards divide to the selection
36 Miserable Money: busts into tears
37 Two In the Hand: magician determines in which hand is which
37 Match Restoration: broken and restored in handkerchief
37 Vanishing Ring: finger ring vanish
38 On Your Mark: card selection determined in seconds
38 Metal Bending: a spoon is bent and restored
38 Spirit Initials: spectator's initials appear on his hand
39 A Phantom Message: name appears in ashes on arm
39 Beads of Mystery: bead string is cut yet beads are restored
40 Index