Sam Berland: Billtrix Series No. 2
Berland, Sam: Biltrix Series No. 2
©1945 (circa) Sam Berland
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 7 pages
              Berland Biltrix Series No. 2
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts

Comments: Photography by Howard Bookman. The second in a series of tricks with bills. Series No. 1 included "Touch of King Midas" and "One to Four".


1 Berland's Cutting a Bill in Half
1 Effect: borrowed bill in envelope is cut in half, corners seen, halves separated, and then restored
2 Secret
2 Preparation
2 To Perform
4 Sample Envelopes

5 The Affectionate Bills
5 Effect: 5 separate bills rolled into a tube become one long strip of bills
6 Secret
6 Preparation
6 To Perform

7 Advertisement: Berland's Biltrix Series 1