Sam Berland: Sam Berland Lecture 1975
Berland, Sam: Sam Berland's Lecture Tricks and Routines 1975
©1975 Sam Berland
Softcover, binder-bound, 8.5x11", 31 pages plus ads
Sam Berland Lecture 1975
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Comments: Manipulative Magic with silks, pipes, etc., with very clear line drawings.

Contents (from book):

1 Berland's 20th Century Glass Production: using a top hat and a cigar box, as part of a 20th Century Silk routine
3 Berland's Routine Impromptu: an explanation of torn and restrored cigarette paper leaves spectators baffled with a silk and glass of liquid production
6 Berland's Novelty Corn Cob Pipe Production: using the bowls almost as thimbles
9 Variation With a Shot Glass: glass of liquid variably appears and vanishes with aid of a handkerchief
10 - Vanish No. 1
11 - Vanish No. 2
11 - Final Vanish of the Glass
13 Berland's Torn and Restored Jumbo Marked Card: signed torn and restored for platform
16 Impromptu 8 Thimble Production: reprinted from pages of Genii
17 Berland's Tricks With the Narrow-Wide Jumbo Deck Featuring the Stabbed Card
17 - Explanation of the Deck: a sort of stripper deck
17 - How the Card Stab Works, For a Single Card
17 - For the Two Card Stab
18 Suggested Effects to Perform With The Card Stab
18 - For the Longer Show: using the Si Stebbins Stack
19 Berland's Cordial and Wine Glass Production: using a special wooden gimmick
20 - Suggested Routine
22 Triple Surprise: cigarette to silks to glass to flowers
24 Berland's Comedy Egg Bag Routine With Borrowed Watch: full comedy egg bag routine with the losing of a spectator's watch and finding it on the magician's wrist