Sam Berland: The Magic of Sam Berland
Berland, Sam: The Magic Of Sam Berland
©1986 Samuel Berland, Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched 80 pages
              Magic of Sam Berland
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Comments: Lots of B&W illustrations and photos. Some entries from Genii and MUM magazines. This book has several effects included that are not listed in its Table of Contents.

Contents  (fom book):

i Magic is Alive! Magic is Wonderful!: intro
ii Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. Award: as presented to Sam Berland
iv Max Malini: some short anecdotes about Malini

1 Part 1 Close-Up
2 Close-Up Magic (Bert Allerton): article on types of close-up, how to be successful
3 Continuous Coin Change: based on Bobo's Coin Change
4 Card and Coins (with John Bowery): allows a coin to be deposited under any card
4 - Coin Gimmick
4 - Hindu Shuffle
7 Bowl Goldfish Production No. 1: performed seated
8 Production of a Bowl of Goldfish at the Close Up Table Method No. 2: another approach
10 Coins Across: using a Boston Box
12 Impromptu Eight Thimble Production: no holders needed
12 Routine With The Okito Coin Box: coin penetrates hand, playing card
14 - The Borrowed Ring Trick or the Adventure of the Missing Ring: using the Okito box and borrowed finger ring
14 Okit's Ring and Ribbon Trick With Berland's Addition: bracelet is pulled free from a ribbo
16 The Cut and Restored Borrowed Handkerchief: while performing the coin through handkerchief
19 One Cup Ball Routine: How the routine was selected to appear in Milbourne Christopher's Sphinx Jubilee Book of Magic
20 - Shot Glass Ball Routine: using 2x1.25" rubber balls, 2x1.75" balls, shot glass, and sheet of paper, and a pencil wand
22 - The Jigger Glass Version: for the stand-up performer
24 Marked Card in Purse: after failing to find selection, it is found in a purse
26 Marked Card and Borrowed Bill: card is not found but appears in a purse, and a bill in an envelope
28 The Sequel: card to wallet effect

33 Part 2 Card Tricks
34 Amazing Substitution: marked card and borrowed bill transpose in envelopes
37 The Real Secrets of Magic: short article
38 Escape of the Jack (Bob Hummer): Jack of Clubs and Jack of Spades transpose from between two Aces and the Pocket
39 Berland's Jigsaw Card Trick: cut cards restore in wrong sequence, but then are corrected
40 Five Card Baffle (Bob Hummer): magician directs spectator to move cards in a packet, and spectator ends up at selection
40 Whispering Queen (Ladson Butler): the Queen apparently whispers the value of three selections
41 Coincidence (Harry Faber): with a red and a blue deck
Rubber Band Card Discovery (Harry Faber): bottom card of a banded deck changes to selection
43 Kosky's Three Card Monte (Gerald Kosky): using a gimmicked card
44 Who Told the Lie or Truth? (Gerald Kosky): performer determines who took an item using a clever question
45 Sign-A-Card: a torn and restored card with signature
47 Super Card Impalement: a double card stab
50 In the Hat (Dr. Daugherty): selected card vanishes to be found in a hat
51 Double Card Change: bottom card changes to first selection and then the second
52 A Stab in the Pack: a single stabbed card
53 Ad: Old advertisement from 1936 for Sam's The Pirate Pack card stab
54 Signature Card Restoration: torn and restored marked card in envelope
56 Surprise Card Through The Case (Arthur Buckley): deck put back in case is struck and selection is left in spectator's hand
57 I Talk to Myself (Terry Lynn): article on presentation

59 Part 3 Card Magic of Bob Hummer His Legacy
60 Whispering Spirit: performer divines number of cards cut from deck
61 Lite-Ning Addition: spectator removes cards from deck and performer states total of values
61 Hummer's Fantastric: selected card found at a certain number derived
61 - And Now an Improvement
63 Face-Up Prediction: an impromptu effect
64 Magic Separation: performer matches the number of face up cards in two packets
64 Two Card Location: magician reveals two cards peeked at
65 Two Card Transpo: simple two card transposition
65 Card and Ribbon: selection vanishes from deck and appears at end of a ribbon

67 Part 4 Tricks With Bills
68 Bill Tear: torn and restored bill, one bill is really torn
70 Cutting Bill In Half: bill is cut through an envelope but is unharmed
72 Expansion of Money: One bill is cut into four but becomes four bills
75 Tear-A-Bill: torn and restored using a TT
77 Touch of King Midas: the King of Diamonds makes a bill vanish to appear elsewhere
79 Devil Dollar: a burnt and restored bill, first introduced in 1937
81 Photos: B&W Photos of Samuel Berland in performance, to page 85