Berland, Samuel: Berland's Novel Cigarette Tricks
©1934 Samuel Berland Xclusive Trix, Chicago, IL
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 48 pages
berland: Novel Cigarette Tricks
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Samuel Berland: Novel Cigarette Tricks

Comments: Illustrated by Harlan Tarbell. "Contains original effects in cigarette magic that are novel and practical. All have been tested and routined by Samuel Berland."

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Novel Cigarette Sleights
5 Berman Conception
6 Tenkai Surprise
7 Push Up Vanish
7 Tenkai Ghost Cigarette

19 Novel Cigarette Effects
10 Shades of Gold
11 Smoke if You Can!
13 Penetrating Smokes
14 Obliging Cigarette Pack
15 Cigarettes to Match Box
15 New Carnival Cigarette
18 The Convenient Match
19 Cups and Balls Gone Cigarette
22 Cups of Plenty
24 Mutilated Cigarette Restored
26 Cigarette and Match Box Passe
28 Diminishing Smokes

31 Longfellow Delights... an innovation in cigarette magic
31 Comedy Rising Cigarette
32 Cigarette Melange - Part 1
34 Cigarette Melange - Part 2
36 Longfellow Sleight
37 A Clever Vanish
38 Surprise Routine

40 New Cigarette Tricks with Special Apparatus
40 Tricky Cigarette Holder
41 Sucker Cigarette Box
44 Find the Lucky Cigarette Pack
46 Utility Ash Tray
47 Wings of Smoke