Sam Berland: Berland's Tricks and Routines
Berland, Sam: Berland's Tricks and Routines
© Samuel Berland, Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 24 pages
Berland Tricks and Routines
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Comments: Illustrated with drawings.


3 Triple Surprise: while lighting a cigarette, magician produces a silk, and from the silk a glass of whiskey, and then a bouquet of flowers
5 Rising Card Out of Hat: for close up
5 - Part 2 Deck That Cuts Itself: as a follow up to the above
7 Dice Routine: using a leather dice cup, a shot glass, five 1/2" white and one colored die, two 1" white dice, and a 2" jumbo white die; performed seated
7 - Trick No. 1: 3 dice become four, etc.
7 - Trick No. 2: dice transpose
8 - Trick No. 3: a die grows, then the jumbo die and the glass appear mysteriously
10 The Flop Over Die: a visual gag for the dice worker
12 Berland's Thimble Jumbo - Part One: thimbles appear on the finger and are put away, and then a Jumbo Thimble appears
12 Jumbo Thimble Production: ends with the production of four Jumbo thimbles
13 Cigarette Billiard Ball Routine: cigarettes pushed into silk turn into another silk, then billiard balls are produced, then one changes to a silk, and a glass of wine is produced.
19 Sun and Moon With Borrowed Handkerchief: a borrowed handkerchief is accidentally stained, the center exchanges for that of the magicians, and all are restored. Uses a change bag.
22 Impact: two spectators mentally select a card from a packet of 5, and both cards vanish to be found in the pocket. Uses buckle count and gimmicked cards.
24 Accessories: a price list for some of the items used in the book