Sam Berland: New and Original Tricks With Watches
Berland, Sam: New and Original Tricks With Watches
©1942 Sam Berland, Berland Creations, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 64 pages
Sam Berland New and Original Tricks With Watches
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Comments:Most trick utilize pocket watches, but also includes some wrist-watch magic. Many of the routines and moves could use other similarly sized objects as well.


4 Foreword (Thomas Libonati)

8 Chapter One Sleights
8 Watch Vanish a la Zano
8 New French Drop Variation
9 Two Watch Vanish
10 Thumb Palm With One Watch
10 Thumb Palm With Two Watches
11 Berman Deceptive Vanish
12 New Take-A-Way Vanish
13 New Swing Sleight
13 Daring Double Vanish
15 Simple Back-Palming Watch
15 Sleights therewith
16 Watch Sleight ala Card Vanish
16 Watch Passes Thru Knee
17 Watch thru Elbow Appears in Palm
17 Misers Dream

19 Chapter Two General Effects
19 Production from Time Magazine
20 Repeat Appearing Watch on Chain
21 Catching a Hatful of Watches with an Alarm Clock Finish
22 Watch Goes Boogie Woogie: magician pretends to over-wind a borrowed watch, but all is okay
23 The Watch Takes Leave: watch leaves it chain and appears from elbow
24 Silk and Watch Transposition
24 Come Again Watch: watch vanishes from chain and is reproduced
26 Watches to the Pocket
27 Watch and Cigarette Surprise: watch and cigarette vanish then reappear
28 Watch, Napkin and Cigarette: lit cig and watch vanish in a handkerchief, and are reproduced
29 The Daffy Watches: watches appear and vanish and reappear for a total of five
30 The Watch Makers Dream: watch parts form into a watch, then multiple watches, which then vanish leaving only parts again
32 Watches at the Fingertips: full watch routine
37 The Elongated Watch Chain: a watch chain grows
38 Humorous Diminishing Watch
39 Watch, Billiard Ball and Dollar Bill: cig to ball to watch to bill
41 The Billiard Ball Watch: gimmick to change a billiard ball instantly to a watch
42 Another Case for Sherlock Holmes: handkerchief and watch story
43 Fun on Borrowed Time: borrowed watch is broken and restored
45 Added Suggestions for the Sandwich Watch: more ideas for this gag prop
45 - Production From a Borrowed Handkerchief
46 - Production With Silks
46 The Hold-Up: money ring an watch collected in a bag vanish to found back in their places
48 Unique Restoration: watch chain cut and restored
50 Finale Appearing Watch and Chain: in the Vest Pocket
51 Visible Appearance of Three Watches on Chains
52 Time Marches On!: idea for a finale
52 Time Magazine Loading Device

54 Chapter Three Tricks With Wrist Watches
54 Humorous Watch Stem: watch stem grows as watch is winded
54 The Restored Strap: cut and restored borrowed watch strap
55 Is Your Strap Long Enough?: borrowed watch strap is stretched
56 Watch and Chain to Wrist Watch: a pocket watch changes to a wrist watch
57 The Crushed Wrist Watch: borrowed wrist watch is destroyed and restored

60 Chapter Four Various Watch Vanishes
60 Paper Cornucopia
60 Vanishing Watch Pull, Clock Spring Top
60 Loop Watch
61 Devil Handkerchief
61 Changing Bag
63 Hooked Watch
63 Paper Bag Vanisher
63 Watch Bag

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