Berland, Samuel: Twenty Tricks with Wiztax
©1941 Samuel Berland, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 16 pages

©1962 D. Robbins, Inc., 4th edition
Berland: Twenty
              Tricks with Wiztax
Image courtesy R&A Petrilla Booksellers


Contents (from book, updated Dec 2019):

3 Introduction

4 Coin Change: Half to quarter to nickle
4 Coin Catching: using a hat
4 Coin and Match Packet: a dime penetrates a match packet
5 Perfect Coin Switch and Remarkable Vanish: marked coin vanishes from a glass to appear elsewhere
5 Hooked Coin...Without the Hook: coin vanish in the hands
6 Watch to Half Dollar: a pocket-watch changes to a coin
6 Card Between Plates: selected card ends up between drink coasters
7 Photos: B&W photo illustrations of some of the effects
9 Card Thru Case and Handkerchief: selected card penetrates the card case and a handkerchief
9 The Missing Card From Deck: method to vanish a card with deck put into the case
10 Find the Queen: a version of three-card Monte using coasters and cards
10 A Card Vanishes: selection vanishes from deck to later be found on top
11 Tricks With Thimbles
11 - Thimble Catching in Hat: idea
11 - No Thumb Palm
11 - Thimble Vanish With Acquitmet
11 Thimbles Caught in a Glass: thimbles caught out of air and tossed into a glass
12 Method of Keeping a Silk Rolled
12 Silk Production: from a pack of matches
12 Roll-Up Silk Vanish
13 Extra Load for Jap Box: produce multiple silks
13 Slow Motion Cigarette Vanish
14 Cigarette From Nowhere: from a pack of matches
14 Billet Switch
14 Watch to Card
15 Ads: Berland Magic Creations