Berland, Samuel: Amazing Tricks With Paper Cups
©1942 Pub. by Berland Magical Creators, Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 24 pages
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©1968 Caddy Manufacturing Co., Maywood, IL
Amazing Tricks With Paper Cups
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Berland: Amazing Tricks With Paper Cups
Caddy Manufacturing Edition
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Comments: (Alan Stewart) A very good booklet containing 25 well illustrated effects using gimmicked paper cups. Productions, vanishes, silks, liquids. “rice bowls” etc. Uses "standard" cups available in the 1940s (Dixie cups, etc.) which have changed but the methods are still workable.


3 Introduction
5 Liquid Vanishing Cup: How to make a cup for vanishing things
5 Liquid Goes
6 Cola to Confetti
6 The Sugar Hoarder
7 Water on the Knee: Vanishing and re-appearing whiskey
8 Jigger thru the Handkerchief
8 Diminishing Drink
10 Vanishing Cup of Liquid in Newspaper
10 Cups go Rice Bowl
11 Granulated Sugar Lumps: Loose sugar to lumps
11 The Magic Baker: Eggs, flour,etc. to cupcakes
12 Multiplying Sugar and Hot Coffee.
13 Appearing Silk in Cup
14 Egg and Silk Transposition
14 Triple Production from Cups: Bran changes to candy, popcorn and soda
15 Liquid Appears: Two gimmicked cups
18 Silk and Water
15 From Cup to Cup
19 Where Does the Liquid Go? (Uses trap in table)
20 Cup of Cola thru the Hat
20 The Homing Cup
21 Liquid Producing Cup: How to make a liquid production cup
21 Penetration of Liquid
22 A Magic Separation: Requires gimmicked pitcher or glass
22 Transposition of Liquids: Requires gimmicked pitcher or glass
23 Cups and Balls with Liquid Finish: One paragraph suggestion
24 Description of Cups Used: Lists all the paper cups and props - ca. 1943