Berman, Sam: Sam Berman's Lecture Notes
©1975(circa) Berman School of Magic, CA
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 11 pages
Sam Berman's Lecture
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Sam Berman: Sam Berman's Lecture Notes

Comments: A few illustrations


1 Introduction
2 Dollar Bill From Rope
2 Proper Method of Cigarette Vanish and Production
3 My Routine with Aldini's Salt Shaker
3 Card Through Handkerchief...And Case!
4 Four-Ace Color Change
4 Ghost Deck: a tip on presentation
5 Berman's Four Ace Trick
6 Change Over Coin Palm
7 Berman's Routine For Cigarette Production
8 Three Coin Routine: coins hand to hand, no gimmicks
9 An Original Cups and Balls Routine: three cups, four 1/2 inch sponge balls, three loads