Bernstein, Bruce: Perception Is Everything
©1999 Bruce Bernstein
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 34 pages
Perception Is
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Bruce Bernstein: Perception Is Everything

Comments: Croiset Affair, A Sporting Prediction, and Into the Infinite are from Bruce's earlier work, Psi-Tech.

Contents (from book, updated Oct 2017):

ii Introduction

1 The Opener: a set of three psychological forces
4 Pseudo-Telepathy: a demonstration of leading the thoughts, which are revealed by the performer
11 - Alternate State Presentation - With a Different Basic Method
12 - Variation #2
13 - Variation #3
16 - Variation #4
16 - Variation #5
17 - Alternate Handling #1
17 - Alternate Handling #2 - Psycometric Presentation
20 The Ritual: spectator becomes weaker or stronger when the negative influence is near or far
26 The Croiset Affair: performer predicts the audience member that would be selected, along with a three digit number they will declare - no confederate
29 Into the Infinite: magician determines three selections and predicted one ahead of time
32 A Sporting Prediction: Magician predicts winner of a sporting event AND a second fact about the game, such as how many home runs