Louis Bertol: The Kid Stuff of Louis Bertol
Bertol, Louis & Frances Marshall (editor): The Kid Stuff of Louis Bertol
©1977 Magic Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, comb-bound, 6x9", 88 pages

(some sales descriptions say 96 pages - perhaps there's a 2nd page of contents?)
The Kid Stuff of Louis Bertol
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Comments: "An entire book of these excellent effects for the man who likes to make and build his own small tricks." Compiled by Frances Marshall by arrangement with Mrs. Bertol.

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Seasonal Tricks
8 Happy Joe Snowman
12 Fish Story
13 Holland Tunnel
15 The Confused Sergeant
19 String A Ring
21 Table D'Hote
22 The Nutty King
25 New Oil for Old Lamps
26 Click Click
26 Mystic Cut
28 Heads or Tails
29 Rope Tie Error Comedy
31 In Dutch
35 Routining Old Effects
36 Turned Over in His Grave
37 Magrew Turns Over Once. More
40 Tired Mike
32 Hav-Gotcha
43 Gags
43 Inexhaustible Banana
44 Green Pepper
44 Fried Eggs
45 Blessed Event
46 Ghost of Houdini
49 Diogenes' Lantern
55 Magician's Trade Mark
57 Living Color
63 Stage Size Fan
63 This is Old!
65 Pinocchio
68 Red and Green, Or Was It?
69 Delayed Break Away
70 Baking a Cake Idea
70 Ruled Out
71 Magic Powder
73 Meet the Family
79 Ro-Pair
80 A Quartet of Gags
80 Tele-Phony
81 Soap Opera
83 Good for Another Hour
83 Roast Duck
85 End of the Line