Bertram, Charles: Isn't It Wonderful?
A History of Magic and Mystery
©1896 Swan Sonnenschein & Co., Ltd, London
Hardcover, 301 pages
Isn't It Wonderful?
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Charles Bertram: Isn't It Wonderful?

Comments: Illustrations by Phil May, A.C. Corbould, Bernard F. Gribble, and others.


5 Introduction
60 My Introduction to the Art of Conjuring
83 Some Notable Performances
102 People Whom I Have Met
121 Public Performances
135 Illusions, Etc.
142 Dodges
165 False Shuffles
172 A New Game at Cards
181 Sharpes On the Turf
191 Some Incidents
232 Explanations of a Few Tricks
275 Hints to Amateurs
301 L'Envoie