Bertram, Charles: A Magician in Many Lands
1910 Mercat Press
1911 George Routledge & Sons, Limited, London
Hardcover, 315 pages

A Magician in Many Lands
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Comments: Not a book of tricks, but Charles' writing of his many travels around the world as a magician. A marvelous glimpse into history in the early 1900's. Available as an e-book from


v Introduction: about Charles Bertram and his travels, by Louis Hoffmann
1 Chapter I: The Oceana, Port Said, A Local Conjurer, I Change Busses, The Shannon, A Mahometan Funeral
5 Chapter II: Bombay, The Tivoli Theatre, I Lunch at Government House
9 Chapter III: Raipur, The Raj Kumai College, Travelling by bullock Tonga, I ride on an elephant, Calcutta, I perform at Government House Lord Curzon, The Nawab of Dacca
13 Chapter IV: The Black Hole of Calcutta, The Burning Ghats, The Botanical Gardens, the Banyan Tree, Indian Railway Travelling
18 Chapter V: Allahabad Fakirs, their extraordinary tasks and penances, The nude procession, The Railway
Theatre, I meet an unexpected acquaintance, Benares, I pay my respects to the Maharajah and visit the Holy Man, The Monkey and Golden Temples
28 Chapter VI: Lucknow, The Residency, I open at the Mohamed Bagh Theatre, A supplementary show at the
Chatr Munzil Palace, Cawnpore, My illness, I struggle though helped by my boy Jairham Jugga, Cawnpore, I watch a performance of the Mango tree trick, Meerut, The Whela Club, Umballa, I meet General Penn Symons, An invitation from the Maharajah of Kapurthala, Am splendidly entertained, A Durbar
33 Chapter VII: Buona Vista, Amritzar: The Golden Temple, Lahore Patiala, His Highness the Maharajah
38 Chapter VIII: The Holi Festival, I am initiated
44 Chapter IX: Delhi, The Kutb Minar, a monument of victory, The Iron Pillar, A native Baboon, I get a fright
40 Chapter X: Johdpur, The value of a peg, I visit the Maharajah, Amber, The palace, The fe'te in honor of the Goddess of Wealth, The sacred alligators, A tug of war between man and beast, Exit Bertram hurriedly!
56 Chapter XI: Agra, The Taj Mahal, I perform before the Maharajah of Khetri, Stampede of the natives, Bertram the devil-man, Observations on the mosquito
64 Chapter XII: Dholpur, I visit the Maharana Am honoured in being permitted to occupy the guest chambers used by his late Majesty King Edward as Prince of Wales in 1876, I perform before the ladies of
the Zenana, Have a narrow escape from a tiger, Give lessons in legerdemain to the Maharajah Patiala
69 Chapter XIII: Gwalior, The vagaries of the punkah, and elephant ride
74 Chapter XIV: Baroda, The kindness of His Highness the Gaekwar, In the Durbar Hall I give a State performance, The horrors of the famine
80 Chapter XV: The Koiar Gold-field, Bangalore, An examination by the plague officials
85 Chapter XVI: Mandras, My boy climbs for toddy, I perform before Lord Havelock, The Catamaran
90 Chapter XVII: Trichinopoli, the terra-cotta horses, I accept a volunteer ticket-seller - and pay for it
94 Chapter XVIII: I visit the Rajah of Puddakkotai and am greatly honored, a State performance in the Library
98 Chapter XIX: Indian Jugglers and Conjurers, the Mango Tree-Trick, a few comments on travellers' tales
105 Chapter XX: The Rope Trick - tall stories and their absurdity, Basket Trick
112 Chapter XXI: Indian Conjurers, Hussain Bux, some effective tricks, my opinions, the pearl fisheries at Tuticorin, Ceylon, I visit the Boer Camp
124 Chapter XXII: Rangoon Central Prison, murderers and convicts, The proclamation of King Edward VII as Emperor of India, Mandalay, King Thebaw's Palace, A Burmese festival, Pponghyi Honey
137 Chapter XXIII: Penang, I find a Dutch wife, Singapore, I risk my life in a sampan, The Chinese New Year, Hong-Kong Pidgin English
150 Chapter XXIV: Canton, The execution ground: hacked to pieces, Slow strangulation, Sanghai, The English settlement, I meet my friend Mr Percy Brough, We witness Justice while you wait
165 Chapter XXV: I take a Chinese Dinner  and afterwards dine at the Club, The Chinese Theatre, A long performance, I give a show Received in silence but with great success, Governor Kwei receives me
kindly at Soochow, A Chinese punishment
177 Chapter XXVI: Japan, Bertram the Buffoon, I take out a license, Kobe, Yokohama, I am commanded to appear before the Mikado
185 Chapter XXVII: Tokio, Sidelights on Japanese cleanliness, I perform before the Court, The Shrine of Nikko, Kioto, the Cherry Dances, The Geisha Girls
201 Chapter XXVIII: Japanese Jugglers, A Japanese Play, blood-thirsty performance, A visit to a Geisha House
211 Chapter XXIX: Hong Kong, Robert and Percy Brough meet me, Percy and I play poker, We capture a small shark and sight the Ophir with the present King and Queen on board, Sydney, Melbourne, I
surprise the Chief of Police Bendigo Maryborough, the Mayor receives me, Mudgee Forbes, Australian Hooligans, Jerilderie the notorious Ned Kelly gang, A fit up show When London Sleeps, Yarrowonga, I ride in a coach, Ici on parle Francais, Sydney loafers and thieves
236 Chapter XXX: New Zealand, Auckland, Sir Hector Macdonald reviews the troops, Crossing the Line, Honolulu
241 Chapter XXXI: San Fransisco, The Chinese Quarter, Opium dens and Theatres, New York, The visit of Li Hung Chang, Coney Island, A clam bake
253 Chapter XXXII: Philadelphia, I visit the Mint, cycling at Atlantic City, Boston, Charlestown
258 Chapter XXXIII: Montreal, The students attend my performance, Niagara, Quebec, Ottawa, A fire at the Government Buildings
267 Chapter XXXIV: Chicago, Hold ups, Sandbagging, Messrs Armours Establishment, I witness the process, St Louis, I perform before the famous Joseph Jefferson, Cincinnati, An American Train Boy
278 Chapter XXXV: I meet my famous confrere Kellar, An advertising dodge, Cleveland, Mark Hanna the American statesman assists me on the Stage, St Paul, Sleighing, Nashville, A Negro Court, I'll cut
you deep, New Orleans
292 Chapter XXXVI: Washington, I am a millionaire for a second or two, Baltimore, Richmond, the Ice harvest, Brett and I and the bears
303 Chapter XXXVII: Saratoga chips, Trunk smashers at work, Down the Hudson, Election day in New York, The American Woman
311 Chapter XXXVIII: Homewards bound on the Lncania, A Little Game at Poker, I deal and retire, The reward of Innocence, Euston