Bey, Mohammed (S. Leo Horowitz): Okito Coin Box Routines
Edited by: John J. Crimmins, Jr, Illustrated by Norman J. Howe and Ed Mishell
1963, D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 53 pages
Okito Box Routines

Comments (magicref): The full title of the book as indicated on the inside plate: Mohammed Bey's Okito Coin Box and More Mohammed Bey Routines with the Okito Coin Box; 2 Master Routines; Plus Bonus Ideas by Harvey Rosenthal and Edward J. McLaughlin. Inexpensive introduction to the Okito box, moves, and routines. The Okito box that is used in this book has a small hole in the top and bottom of the box, which would allow a needle or toothpick to be pushed through the box, demonstrating that it is empty. You can use a standard (modern) box with these routines with only slight adjustments. Includes lots of clear line drawings to show details of moves, as well as some B&W photos in the last section. Some of the moves used in these routines seem to me a bit too obvious and/or unconvincing, but of course, much is accomplished in presentation style and skill. 


4 A Classic of Magic by S. Leo Horowitz - Bey's Routine With The Okito Coin Box: Introduction and philosophy
5 The Effect: coin penetrates box and a deck of cards, and the coin vanishes and re-appears in the box. Climax finds a sponge rabbit in the box.
6 To Present the Routine: Requirements
6 Part 1: Describes reversal, coin though card pack, showing the box empty
10 Part 2: coin penetrates the box, box is handled as empty
11 Part 3: coin vanishes and appears in the box
12 Part 4: coin vanishes and appears in box again
14 Part 5: coin vanishes and is found in the card case
15 Part 6: coin penetrates the card case again
16 Part 7 (Conclusion): Coin is finally "pushed" out of the Okito box with a pin, and a sponge rabbit is found inside
17 Mohammed Bey's Bonus Silver and Copper Routine: a copper/silver transposition uses only two coins and Okito box
21 More Mohammed Bey Routines With the Okito Coin Box, Four Coins, A Card Case and a Tumbler - Master Routine No. 2: Introduction.
23 The Effects: Overview of the 6 phases
25 To Present Master Routine No. 2: Setup described
25 Part One: four coins vanish from your hands and appear one at a time in the coin box
31 Part Two: Coins vanish from the box and appear one at a time in the left hand
33 Part Three: four coins vanish from the hand and appear in the coin box
34 Part Four: Copper/Silver - copper penetrates coin box and card case into tumbler
38 Part Five: Another coin passes through the box and the card case
39 Part Six: A final coin through box and card case into tumbler
43 Improved Okito Coin Box Steal for One Coin by Harvey Rosenthal: a variation on stealing the coin away after the inversion
45 The Perfect "Coin Penetration Through Box and Hand": a coin through the box & hand routine featuring the "Morritt Finger Grip"
48 The Okito Coin Box by Edward J. McLaughlin (w/B&W photographs): Introduction to several Okito box moves
48 Placing the Cover on the Bottom of the Box - Using One Hand
49 Placing the Coin Between the Bottom of the Box and the Lid
50 Visible Penetration of Coin Through Bottom of Box
51 Placing the Lid on the Bottom of the Box - Using Both Hands
52 Variation for Placing the Lid on the Bottom of the Box
53 Transfer of Open Box from Hand to Hand