Bich, Mathieu: Mathieu Bich on PDF
2006 Mathieu Bich
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              Bich: Mathieu Bich on PDF
              Bich on PDF

Comments: Includes six selections taken from Mathieu's Lecture Notes 1 and Discovery of a New World. These are not impromptu effects. Some online video demos can be viewed at Lee Asher's site. You can also find information on Mathieu's own site: Mathieu Bich.


3 Suspension of Belief: cards are strangely attracted to your pen
7 The Little House: shapes on the playing cards change in the spectator's hands
10 Instant Sandwich: sandwich card effect
12 Little Papers: Spectator wets his fingers and the little papers stick to his fingers; he then shakes his hand and all the papers fall but one; the paper he had previously selected and signed.
14 The Red Tape (Erazed): signed selection turns blank (uses FA-KO sheets)
17 Marie Antoinette: The Queen is beheaded in this story-line card trick