Bigbee, North: 40 New Mental Mysteries
©1962 Pub. by The Elders, Dallas, TX
Hardcover, 76 pages
40 New Mental
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Comments: Illustrated by Tom Palmer

Contents (From book; descriptions added July 2018):

5 Foreword
7 Acknowledgements

9 Cummerbund Chicanery
9 North's Cummerbund Switch: utility for billet switching
10 TriplEpic: a triple prediction of word, name and number, using the above switch
13 Thotbreak: magician mentally breaks a glass held by assistant on a tray at a distance
15 Other Switch-Swindles: some additional ideas for the utility

16 To the Colors
16 Colorcast: a method to choose spectators for mental stunts
17 Telecolor: magician copies the order of spectator's color cards
18 Coloread: another version that packs flat
19 Spel-A-Color: spectator spells his color card and finds it matches, and magician predicted it

21 Wanted Dead or Alive
21 Recording Angel: spectator writes one dead and four living names on a slate; magician determines dead name
23 Easy Mark: method for the billet living & dead test
23 Psychometrix: mentalist matches envelopes with personal belongings to their owner

24 Classified Information
25 Adivino: a want-ad test
26 Tele-Ad: another want-ad test

28 Prophets with Honor
28 Banner Prediction: an approach to the newspaper headline prediction
29 Bargain Prediction Chest: envelope for predicting a two outcome event, such as a sporting event

31 Mentalism by Design
31 Super-Predicto: ESP card match for the platform or stage
33 Crystalepathy: mentalist duplicates spectator's drawing
34 Menta-Pix: ESP card drawing duplication using stacked deck
35 Tel-Epic: mentalist determines ESP card designs through various methods
37 ESPrediction: mentalist predicts which ESP card will be chosen

38 Extra-Sensory Deception
39 Televination: mentalist determines which ESP card is in each envelope
40 Night-Or-Day: determination of three of five cards can be done in the dark
41 Dark Design: all five designs determined in darkness

42 Seances and Such
42 Séance Seership: duplication in the dark of design on a card
43 Beat the Rap: an interesting way to create spirit raps
44 Mentalist's Blue-Book: gathering personal data useful for mentalism shows
45 Impromptu Dark Séance: using your jacket for a light-proof cover

47 Book Nook
47 Séance Book Challenge: a book test performed in the dark
49 Popular Book Challenge: book test using a new purchased but disposable paper-back book
52 Wordivino: Dictionary test using a slate

53 Slate Sorcery
53 Ghost Slate: a slate is written upon while sealed in an envelope
55 Any Slate a Clipboard: constructing a carbon board
56 Dualepathy: performer predicts total of random numbers and a spectator's birthday

57 Astrological Abracadabra
57 Happy Birthday: performer divines birthday of a spectator that was marked on a calendar
59 Astrolepathy: performer divines two birthdays and one card selection, using a one-behind system

61 Putting Mentalism On The Map
61 State of Mine: performer determines selected state on a large map
63 Dream Trip: spectator maps out a dream trip, and performer divines the locations
65 Jigsaw-Cery: performer determines which jig-saw map state was placed in envelope

66 Mental Mirthquakes
66 Love-Chain: humorous routine for couples with only one key that will fit a lock
69 Poor Boy's Spirit-Hand: making one with a Spook Hand and a plate lifter

70 Miscellaneous Miracles
70 Impromptu Mental Masterpiece: four methods of determining a written card value
71 Numismagic: determining the date, while blindfolded, of three silver dollars in envelopes
73 Bingo Baffler: a mentalism routine with Bingo cards
74 Nite-Club Bill-Reading: using a confederate, performer divines serial number a bill in the audience
75 Tele-Miracle: a triple prediction