Bilis, Bernard: Close Up, French Style
Translated by Jean Fare
©1976 Magic Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, 52 pages
Close Up, French Style
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Comments (Magic Inc.): "Close Up French Style, was written by Bernard Billis, very well known in Europe for his top award winning at the International Conventions. He introduced this, his first book, at the F.I.S.M. Convention at Vienna, July, 1976...All are sleight of hand effects with cards and coins, illustrated with photographs for easy learning." Translated by Jean Fare, B&W Photographs by Jean Claude Brosset


3 Preface (Dany Ray)
4 Introduction (Jean Fare)
5 Joking Illusion: Two of four blue backed Jokers turn red, then a series of transpositions take place before the Jokers are shown back to original color
11 Everywhere: Everywhere and Nowhere card routine
18 Never Split: One coin slid under one hand and one under the other, but both appear under one hand
20 Joker Finder: A red-backed Joker finds two selections in a blue deck
22 Red Mood: A selection is sandwiched between two Jokers, vanishes, appears between two other Jokers, Jokers change color, and then the selection back color changes as well
30 Rising In China: Card selection appears face up under a Chinese Coin
35 Coin Thru: a coin finds a card selection
39 Ladies and Gentlemen: packet trick in which Four Jokers and One Queen turns into Four Queens and One Joker
41 Coins Assembly: coins join underneath one card