Bernard Bilis: French Pasteboards
Translated by Jean Faré
©1980 Magical Publications, Mike Caveney
Softcover, Comb bound, 5.5x8.5", 64 pages
French Pasteboards
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Comments: Mostly cards, with two coin effects. Illustrated by Eric Lewis.


1 From the Publisher
2 Introduction
3 The Bilis Spread: sleight
6 Bilis Electric Double Lift: sleight
8 The Impossible Glimpse
11 Immediate Sandwich Cards
14 Collectors: Bernard's version of the Collector's plot
19 Another Departure
23 The Calculating Sandwich
25 Open Travelers Again: version of Open Traveller's plot
32 Super Sandwich
36 Wild Card Combination
42 Card Box Escape: rising card
46 The Ghost Card
51 Torn Card: cut and restored card
55 Another Matrix: coin effect
59 Touchless Copper/Silver Transposition: coins