Bingham, Euan: Cardboard Capers
2004 Euan Bingham
Softcover, spiral-bound, A5, 37 pages
Cardboard Capers
Image courtesy  Euan Bingham

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Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 On the Kelly Placement: Handling of Kelly bottom placement with no movement of the left and right hand fingers
2 A Palming Idea: Palm cards from deck using same action as used for replacing cards on the deck
3 Pressure Palm: A top palm of an number of cards into the left hand with no movement of the left hand fingers
4 Seconds Out: A very effective double lift substitute
5 Return to Sender: One selection appears between two face up jacks and is set aside; a second selection appears between the jacks which turns out to be the first selection. The selections have transposed.
6 The Artist: Color changing pack
7 Instant Switch: Ace and Queen of Diamonds transpose between two halves of the deck.
8 Homage to Hummer: Two cards change places between the deck and the spectators pocket
9 Twisted Assembly: Ace assembly leaves four Aces on the table, which transpose with four Kings in the pocket
10 The Jacks Came Back: Selection appears face down between two jacks on top of the deck
11 Thanks To Walton: Handling of Roy Walton's 'runaround' effect
12 Dark Side of The Moon: Double inversion effect without using a half pass
13 Ultra Violet: Deck is riffled and the entire deck turns face up with selection face down
14 Snapping the Aces: Direct Twisting the Aces effect
15 Au Revoir: Five cards change to four, then three, then one held by the spectator, which ends up being your business card