Bingham, Euan: 20 Things Marlo Didn't Publish
©Unknown, Euan Bingham
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11"
20 Things Marlo
              Didn't Publish
Image courtesy Euan Bingham
Euan Bingham: 20 Things Marlo Didn't Publish

Comments: "There are actually more than twenty card magic items in this book, but 'Twenty Things Marlo Didn't Publish' has a better ring to it than 'Twentyseven Things Marlo Didn't Publish'. It contains some of my best material to date and features a long bonus section which introduces new plots and ideas for you to work on and hopefully inspire the creation of your own new Card Magic." Available from

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Multiple Rotary Palm: palm multiple cards with the Rotary Palm action
2 The Parallel Lennart Lap/Steal: A tabled control
3 Thoughts on the Sixth Transformation: solution to a problem posed by Dai Vernon in regards to Erdnase's 'Sixth Transformation'
4 The Kou Jiao Shuffle: tabled cascade false shuffle
5 What a Poor Piece of Routining: transposition card trick
6 What Another Poor Piece of Routining: A slightly more advanced handling of the previous trick
7 More Cat Than Mouse: A signed card placed beneath a magazine transposes with another
8 Four Skin: A clever ambitious card sequence where the three mates of the card end up reversed in different parts of the deck at the end.
9 Tectonic Plates: streamlined approach to 'Continental Drift'
10 All Alone: a mini Triumph routine
11 Sig Tig: spectator's signature jumps from the back of selection to the back of a Joker
12 Re-Tut: A re-handling of 'Tut Tut' from my book Quirky Card Magic
13 TAG Team: Two selections are peeked; first selection found beside face down card previously placed in the centre; face down card turns out to be the second selection.
14 Recollection(s): A solution to John Racherbaumer's 'Recollectors' from Richard Kaufman's Almanac magazine
15 Workshop Section: Thirteen challenges and ideas for you to work on