Bingham, Euan: Free From Filler
©2003 Euan Bingham
Softcover, spiral-bound, A5, 26 pages
Free From Filler
Image courtesy Euan Bingham
Euan Bingham: Free From Filler

Comments: 13 Stellar Card Tricks, 3 Utility Moves. Absolutely no filler! From


1 Just Another Sandwich Trick: A direct sandwich trick
2 Transvestites: Red and black Aces transpose twice, with a surprise finish
4 V-Easy Transposition: A direct and simple transposition of four Aces and four Kings
5 King Sting: Signed selection vanishes from between a pair of Kings and appears inside a sealed envelope
7 Heartstopper: Two signed cards visually transpose through a solid table top
8 Continental Drift: 26 red cards visually transpose with 26 black cards
9 Fifth Dimension: packet trick
10 Intuition: The spectator locates his selection and the four Aces at the same time
11 Metal Collectors: Three selections are found interlaced between four Aces which were set aside
12 Triple Inversion: Three phase routine where the deck inverts three times in quick succession
14 Abstraction: Aces vanish one at a time, and are then removed from your pocket
16 Dead Set: Handling for Paul Harris' Reset plot which uses the whole deck in place of a packet
19 Thanks to Jennings: Four Ace assembly effect
22 The Ghost Cut: An ungimmicked handling of the haunted pack effect
23 On the Pass: A method for the pass which allows for a 'softer' handling
25 A Useful Move: An intriguing cover for the standard flop move