Pete Biro: Comedy Magic Lecture!
Biro, Pete: Comedy Magic Lecture!
©1971 Pete Biro
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 5 pages
Pete Biro: Comedy Magic Lecture!
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts Research Center

Comments: Prepared for the 1971 T.A.O.M. Convention

Contents (from book):

1 Introduction: what makes some magic funny?
2 Pete's Peeper: just a few tips on presentation for this thimble act, no details
2 PB Diminishing Cards: how to construct
2 Jumpingfag? (Pat Page): cigarette jumps to your mouth
2 Card to Pocket: a no-palm method using a gimmick
2 Inspected by No. 27: gag
3 The Rat Trap: catching a card in a mouse trap
3 Card Castle: tip for use
3 Zombie Move & Clean (?) Finish: idea for ditching the gimmick
3 Lockin Reel: convert a finger reel to a locking reel
3 Devil Rope Routine: not described, but recommends Abbott and Supreme as source for rope
3 Sock Purse Use: two applications for using a sock purse for coins
4 Mirror Glass Routine: just a reference, no details
4 No Force Card Forcer (Merv Taylor): tip
4 Tax!: gag coin modification
4 Flat Chop Cup: easy chop cup for travelers
4 Severn/Biro Rising Cards: selected card rises from envelope
4 Flying Ring (Ken Hughes): poor man's ring pull
5 Rope Tie: tip for seated rope tie
5 Table Space Increaser: table management tip
5 Rising Card Penetration of Finger