Pete Biro Lecture No. 2
Biro, Pete: Lecture No. 2 Pete Biro Tries Again!
©1970 (circa) Pete Biro
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 8 pages
              Biro Lecture No. 2
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts Research Center

Comments: Hint, tips, routines

Contents (from book):

1 Introduction
2 Zombie: idea for getting rid of the gimmick
2 Card Castle: idea for production
2 Neff Rope Pull: usage idea
3 Houdini Milk Can Escape Gimmick: gag
3 Lloyd Jones on Malini: quote
3 Linking Ring Holder: idea
3 One for the Boys: rising card for magicians only
3 One Handed Thimble Color Change (Bill Anderson): move
3 Spot Card: description of the gimmick and presentation
4 More Reel Magic (Fred Rickart): handkerchief gag with a stooge
4 Devil Rope: routine for this Supreme Magic stiff rope
5 Hurt Finger: thimble type routine with a fingertip
5 Chop Cup Variety: bit about taking opportunity when it presents itself
5 Malini Outwaited: gag
5 Locking Reel from a Regular Reel or Windlass: modification idea
6 Thimble Finale!!: idea for McComb's mousetrap gag
6 Glass and Ball: a chop-cup idea and presentation
6 Hand Tube: gag
7 Rope Tie: presentation tip
7 Table Space Increaser: prop management tip
7 Rising Card Penetration of Finger: rising card appears to go through finger
8 Hofzinser Revisited: full card routine