Biro, Pete: The Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings
©2012 Pete Biro, Stevens Publishing
Hardcover, 242 pages
Real Secrets of the
              Chinese Linking Rings

Comments: 400 illustrations. Edited and Proofread by William Wells, Ph.D and Rich Cowley, AMA.


5 Foreward (David Regal)
6 Dedication
7 Introduction
9 What the Greats Said
11 In the Beginning, the Linking Timeline
15 Early Chinese Writing
17 The Magician’s Own Book
21 Where Does it Begin and End
22 Goldston, The Magician’s Swan Song
26 Hints of the Origins of Magic
29 Levent Speaks
37 George Blake’s Perverse Rings
40 My Perverse Linking Rings
44 Bits of Comedy with Rings
45 Jay Marshall Gets On and Gets Off
46 Jay Marshall’s Routine
47 Stop! Thief!
48 Terry Seabrooke’s Vicious Rings
51 A Miracle that Could Not Be Explained
53 Trevor Lewis Writes
54 Ninja Rings Discussion
58 Miscellaneous Ramblings
61 Robert Harbin on the Rings
62 Al Baker’s Clever Linking Ring Opener
63 New Invisible Key Ring
64 Floyd Brown’s Bounce Link
65 George Armstrong’s Locking Key
67 The Maxam Ring Illusion
73 The Picture Gallery
86 Linking Rings in Art
93 Al Koran’s Three Ring Routine
102 The Ken Brooke Count
108 Paul Daniels Talks About the Rings
109 Why Al Koran Started Using the Rings
1120 The Lincoln Rings, Namreh
118 The Indian Rings, Frikell
120 Mysto Magic Set Linking Rings
122 Seabrooke’s Elephant Wedding Rings
125 Bill Palmer’s Professional Routine
131 Kevin James’ Shrinking Ring
132 John Northern Hilliard’s Master Routine
138 Nick Saint-Erne’s Routine
144 The Odin Rings (The Book)
182 Karrell Fox’s Missing Links
184 Linking Ropes
188 Linking Things
191 Linking Finger Rings
200 Linking Finger Ring on Wineglass
204 Richard Himber’s Bewildering
206 Al Koran’s Original Linking Finger Rings
209 Devilishly Simple Linking Finger Rings
211 Miscellaneous Information
214 Linking Coathangers Come Out of the Closet
215 Fred Kaps on the Chefalo Cross
216 Waller’s For Magicians Only
219 My Patter from the 1950s
220 There is Nothing New
223 Guy Bert’s Innovation
225 Research Files of Etienne Lorenceau
236 About the Author
240 First Performer of the Rings Found