Biro, Pete: A Book, Entitle Son of Greater Magic Vol. One
©1975, 1980 Pete Biro
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 5.5x8.5", 8 pages
Peter Biro: Son
              of Greater Magic Vol One
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Comments: Advice, tricks and bits of business. My version has the "Vol One" cross out and 1 1/2 written next to it, and states "12th Printing, 8-6-80".


1 Greetings
1 Philosophy of Magic: essay
1 Simplicity: essay
1 Stealing Material: essay
2 The Jumping Cigarette: quick trick
2 Card Control & No-Palm to Pocket: the basics
2 Invisible Hair: idea with a handkerchief
2 Severn/Biro Impromptu Rising Cards: idea
2 Inspected by Number 27: gag
2 Sock Purse: idea
2 Ball on Noes: idea
3 Slop Poker: Cards
3 Silver to Copper: gag
3 Rat Traps: card trick
4 Card Castle Routine: card trick idea
4 Mirror Glass: gag
4 The English Funnel: description
4 World's Greatest Card Stab: Jumbo cards
5 Linking Rings: Pete's secret move
5 Flamin' Ring: finger ring routine
5 Rising Cards: ideas for a mechanical card rise
6 Flap Ditch: idea for getting rid of Slate gimmick
6 Vanishing Birdcage: Tip for getting rid of it
6 Easy Card Force: with diminishing cards
6 Sidewalk Shuffle: tip
7 Cups and Balls Move: Pete's secret move
7 Mental Karate: uses a Haskell Split Deck
7 Rope Bag: quick how to and some ideas
8 Pete's Peeper: thimble
8 Diminishing Deck: all cards diminish
8 Card Through the Finger: card rises through your finger!