Bishop, Billy: The Life and Magic of Billy Bishop
©2000 David Charvet Studios, OR
Softcover, 105 pages
The Life and Magic
              of Billy Bishop
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Billy Bishop: The Life and Magic of Billy Bishop

Comments: The story of one of the top comedy magicians of the 1940's and 1950's, "As told by Billy Bishop, with notes by Glenn Bishop"


vi Dedication
vii Thank You
ix Foreword (Jay Marshall)
xi My Good Frind Billy (Marshall Brodien)
xiii The Guy Had Charm (Stan Kramien)
xiv Editor's Note (David Charvet)
xv Introduction (Glenn Bishop)

1 “Oh Mother I’m Wild!”
5 Friends and Influences
15 Magician At War
21 Boy Meets Girl - Boy Makes Good
25 The Big Time
39 New Horizons
31 Old Chicago
55 Closing Act
61 Ann Bishop Remembers

67 The Magic of “Bish The Magish” - As Explained by Glenn Bishop
67 The Opening
70 The Bishop Rope Tie
74 The Card Sword
77 Jimmy Stoppard Billiard Ball Routine
80 Performing With Dad (Tracey Bishop)
81 Patter for the Stoppard Billiard Ball Routine
82 Miser’s Dream Routine
84 Split Deck Routine
85 Burned Bill In Balloon
86 Glenn’s Bill In The Orange
87 Stage Sponge Ball Routine
89 The Jumping Jacks
92 The “I Sure Am Dumb” Card Trick: aka The Bozo Speller
94 The Sympathetic Silks
99 The Canvas Covered Box Routine
103 The Bow Sawing Routine