Glenn Bishop: Early Bishop Card Effects
Bishop, Glenn: Early Bishop Card Effects
©2000 Glenn Bishop
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Glenn Bishop: Early Bishop - Card Effects
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Comments: Photos by Dan Fleshman

Contents (from ebook):

3 Quick Cavorting Aces: shorter version of Dr. Jacob Daley's Cavorting Aces (pass, double lift)
5 Quick Collectors: a version of Roy Walton's Collectors theme (pass, jog shuffle stack)
6 The Card Shark Out Sharked - Magician vs. the Gambler: Cut to the Aces with a surprise climax (double lift, jog shuffle, milk build stack)
8 Ambitious Card to Wallet: spectator's signed card rises to top and ends up in a wallet (double lift, Hofzinser Pass, Top Palm, Buff Shift)
10 Jumping Aces and Jacks: 4 Jacks turn to 4 Aces, the Jacks end up face up in the deck, and one ends up in the card case
11 The Milk Stack Poker Deal: version of Harry Lorayne's Poker Deal substituting the Milk Stack
12 - First the Milk Stack
13 The Milk Stack Poker Deal Plus: a predictable poker hand
14 Coins to Glass: no gimmick; pop up move, Hang Ping Ching, classic palm